The beautiful lighting effects yesterday over the Alcazar de Colon Museum. ~ Image by Lebawit Girma

Last night was the Noche Larga de los Museos in the Colonial Zone. This event takes place once every quarter, when the major museums in the Ciudad Colonial of Santo Domingo are free to the public and remain open all day long... until midnight.

The Ozama Fortress, the Museo de las Casas Reales, the Alcazar de Colon, the Telecommunications Center, the Museo Trampolin and Casa de Tostado are among the ones with open doors.

Families come out in droves to enjoy this fabulous opportunity, and a fun event for all.


In addition to the museums being free, there are numerous outdoor concerts held in the various plazas and parks in the Zona, including at Parque Duarte, Parque Colon–with a live orchestra facing the cathedral–and Plaza Espana.

Out of the four annual Noche Larga de los Museos per year, the one in December must be among the most magical with the added Christmas tree and holiday vibes.

I revisited one of my favorites yesterday–the Museo de las Casas Reales, for instance, which also happened to have a classical concert in its courtyard.The line for the Alcazar gets very long starting at 8pm, so be warned–and traffic also gets progressively heavy.

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The most filled of all museums was undoubtedly the Telecommunications Center, recounting the history of media in the DR and with the robotics and video game room filled with teens and millennials having a blast.

The only bummer of the night: the Fortaleza Ozama, usually part of the event, was closed to the public in the evening due to a private event (which looked amazing from a distance). 

All in all, we strolled in the cool air of December, took in the lovely Christmas and year-end holidays atmosphere, and the gorgeous multicolor neon lights all around the museums and the Colonial Zone.

If you're a tourist visiting during one of the Noche Largas de los Museos (March, June, September, and December), consider yourself lucky.

The next Noche Larga de los Museos should take place end of March.

  1. Plaza Espana
  2. Parque Colon
  3. Parque Colon
  4. Communications Center
  5. DR Visitor - Lily

Lebawit Lily Girma

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