Hurrah! As of January 1, 2018** — SEE UPDATE BELOW! NOW AS OF APRIL 1, 2018 — the US$10 tourist card entry fee,  normally paid upon arrival in the Dominican Republic, will be rolled into your airline ticket. If you purchased your ticket prior to or near that date, you’ll likely have to pay for the $10 at the airport so check with your airline prior to arrival.

President Medina issued Executive Order 430-17 yesterday which mandates incorporating the US$10 tourist card fee (also called “tourist visa” or “tarjeta de turista”) into the cost of airfare, effective January 1, 2018.

Soon there will be no more thinking about needing a US$10 bill before arrival, and no more waiting in long, long lines when you don’t have the exact change–thus significantly smoothing over the arrival process in the DR.

Did I already say HURRAH?!

UPDATE TO THIS POST on Jan 4, 2018: I’ve just received word from the Ministry of Tourism that the $10 fee will officially be incorporated into all tickets as of April 1, 2018. Prior to that date, you’ll need to purchase the card separately, as usual, online or upon arrival at the airport in the DR. 



UPDATE TO THIS POST on April 3, 2018 I’ve been told by a reliable source that the incorporation of the tourist card into airline tickets did not take place on April 1, as planned, and that there will be additional delay in implementationIt could be later in April 2018. The best advice I have is to always bring your US$10 in cash in hand, and prepare to pay for the card at the airport (or online) as usual, until it is clearly stated otherwise. I’ll update here ASAP as always, and your airline is also a good source to double-check on that status. But in the meantime, it’s business as usual.


UPDATE TO THIS POST on April 19, 2018:  HURRAH! As of today, when you’re booking your airfare online, the tourist card fee of $10 will be showing up as included in your airfare! Which means you won’t be paying $10 anymore upon entry at any of the DR’s airports. Read the last comment on this post – the reader was kind enough to alert us that he just booked his ticket today on American and the $10 is showing up on the list of airfare taxes included in his ticket; called the airline and they confirmed inclusion. I also just did a sample search on JetBlue and AA.com for trips starting next week – and the $10 is showing up as “Tourism Tax” or “Other taxes”. EXCELLENT!


UPDATE TO THIS POST on June 14, 2018:  You can no longer purchase the tourist card online. The $10 fee has been PHASED INTO your airline ticket. If you don’t see it listed in your airline ticket, I have no idea how they distinguish that at the airport. I recently passed through the airport with my fee included in the ticket, and simply proceeded to immigration without having to purchase a tourist card. So at this point, it is fully effective and all fees are included in airfare. Also please note that I merely share news, so any inquiry about refunds or online payment will go unanswered — direct your message about that to the DR Ministry of Tourism instead.  

Don’t forget to grab a copy of Moon Dominican Republic (2016) for your trip! But remember that this update isn’t incorporated in the book yet. Subscribe to DRVisitor.com and visit the blog for frequent updates on all things DR travel.


  1. Is the April 1 date the day the airfare is purchased? or the date of the flight?

    • Lebawit Lily Girma

      The day the airfare is purchased. I would also check with the airline (when purchasing from April 1 onwards) to confirm what taxes are included in the fare. Knowing how long things take to implement, I would be prepared and keep a $10 bill on you *just in case* the April date doesn’t kick in. I will, of course, update the post with any new deadlines/news. Stay tuned! 🙂

  2. Kathleen Jackson

    How will the airport staff know when you booked your ticket?

    • Lebawit Lily Girma

      Well, so far the new rule hasn’t been implemented and I’ve heard that there will be some more delay. You’ll know when it is implemented by checking the list of taxes included in your ticket as you get ready to purchase – check the breakdown of taxes online before purchasing, or ask your airline if you don’t know how. I advise everyone to just bring a US$10 bill and prepare for delays on this new rule being implemented.

  3. Courtney Cole

    Is it strange that I’ve been to the Dominican republic now twice and the first time I paid $10 but never received a card and the second time which was just a month ago, I wasn’t asked to pay anything and still didn’t receive a card?

    • Lebawit Lily Girma

      There’s no entering without a tourist card, at least not until they incorporate into the airline ticket this year. They collect the tourist card sometimes, right before you go to the immigration entry booth. Other times they don’t collect it and you get to keep it. But you most definitely always have one unless you have a Dominican passport or are a diplomat.

  4. i just booked my airfare and notice an extra $10 fee, so i called American airline and they said that it is not included. I’m still bringing cash just in case

    • I’m sorry i meant to say that is it now included. sorry

      • Lebawit Lily Girma

        Woohoo! Thanks for letting us know here. I just checked with a sample Jetblue fare for next week and it DOES include the $10 tourist card fee. It lists it as “Tourism Tax.” Other airlines might call it differently. American has a line that says “Other taxes.” FINALLY! It just have become effective *just these past few days.* Thanks again for the alert.

      • Lebawit Lily Girma

        Hey Mike, can you share with us when your arrival date is? Feel free to message me privately as well. The official start date of inclusion is April 23 – just wondering if they kicked it in earlier. Cheers!

  5. Does this include flights from the UK too?

  6. My husband and parents were born in the Dominican Republic therefore they don’t need a tourism card but we were charged for it. Any idea on how to get that refunded, airline couldn’t help me.

    • Lebawit Lily Girma

      Hello – Did they use their USA passport? It’s not where you were born, it’s what passport you use.
      For any further inquiries, I recommend you contact the DR Ministry of Tourism through GoDominicanRepublic.com

  7. Hello – I purchased my ticket on April 17th for travel in mid-May. I see the “Other Tax” line of $10 on my American receipt. I called AA reservations twice and was told both times that the “Other Tax” of $10 is not the DR Tourism Tax. The reps could not tell me what the tax is, but checked with ticketing and stated it is not the Tourism Tax. They did not seem to have a clue about the changes.

    • Lebawit Lily Girma

      The inclusion is if you purchased your ticket the LAST Week of April, and going forward. If it’s not there it means you pay at the airport. It’s really simple… no need to worry!

  8. Lindsay Gasser

    So those of us who have residency will now pay the tourist fee anyway?

  9. Quenny De La Cruz

    It is great news for all tourists traveling to the Dom Rep but the tourist tax is being collected for all passengers including Dominican nationals. “Supposedly” they are to request reimbursement from the Dominican Republic. Check the Dominican Republic government website and there is no mention on how to request this refund.

    • Lebawit Lily Girma

      Can’t say I am surprised. It might be a minute before the airlines figure that part out (how to not charge DR residents/nationals on the front end). I wouldn’t expect a refund (knowing how things happen slowly in the Caribbean).

  10. Christy Hughes

    I’m not waiting in line for my Tourist Card. We’re buying them online before we even go! I read that it’s a time saver and lord knows that we’ll be ready to hit the beach as soon as we get there. Three weeks and counting.
    Here’s the link to get the cards early !https://www.dgii.gov.do/Tturistaweb/Order-en

  11. i purchased my delta ticket 5/2/18 for 2 travelers. my wife was born in DR but is a citizen of USA looking at my taxes on our ticket we were ONLY charged $10 once listed as Dominican Republic – Tourism Tax (L*) since I was born in USA

  12. correction = (L8)

  13. If the cost was included in the air fare how does the official at the airport know that. If it was included is a Tourist Card still needed (at no cost since it is in the air fare) or is the card no longer required at that point?

    • Lebawit Lily Girma

      No idea – but I’ll find out soon when I’m going through it myself. Or if you do, let us know.

  14. Hi Lebawit, I bought my ticket last year for travel this year in June. I understand I will need a tourist card . Where on line do you get a tourist card? The site my travel agent gave me is not in service…https://www.dgii.gov.do/Tturistaweb/

  15. Monica Diaz


    I purchased my ticket in March for June. To my knowledge there was not fee included. I am trying to pay online but cant seem to be able to. Does anyone know if this is no longer an option, and you can only pay at the airport?

    Thank you,


    • Lebawit Lily Girma

      You’ll be fine – the fee has always been paid at the airport, right as you get off the plane. Super easy process, just bring a $10 bill to speed things up.

  16. Brandy McKinney

    I purchased my ticket in late April. We are arriving early. I was just trying to purchase the tourist card on the airport website, and it wouldn’t allow me to. After trying to search for another link, I came across an article stating that the fee would be included with airline tickets in April. I just double checked my fees and I have a $10 charge for “Dominican Republic-Tourism Tax”. We’ll see how the process goes now, on Thursday, when we arrive in the DR.

  17. jackie labelle

    I purchased my airfare in February the fee was not included can I still pre purchase or do I need to wait till we get to the airport

  18. Adam Luis Rodriguez

    How will immigration authorities at the airport know that my airfare included the tourist card fee?

  19. Hi I bought my ticket on the 6/April. It is still possible to buy the tourist card online, prior to departure?
    I can not find the page for that.
    Thank you in advance for your quick answer

  20. Sorry for the late response. We had no problems whatsoever! The fee should show on your plane ticket, ours did.

    • Lebawit Lily Girma

      That’s right – I didn’t have any problems either. You just go straight to immigration, no need for tourist cards anymore.

  21. I’m looking at my invoice. what does “Dom. Republic Airport Authority Fee: of $20 means? I’m trying to figure out was I charge for a tourist card for me and my husband. I don’t have my airline tickets just my itinerary.

  22. Mely Mayhugh

    I purchased my ticket Oct.2 I am still here I didn’t have to pay the $10upon arrival it was included in my ticket the flight attendant passed out the paperwork to fill out on the plane and we turned them in upon arrival and got the passport stamped.

  23. Frankie Bee

    We’ve been to the DR for the last two years and have each time bought the online tourist card with an online payment of $10 each. We booked tickets in January 18 for this December.
    1) We can no longer find the website for pre-paying online.
    2) TUI tell us that it is not included in our ticket price..
    We don’t mind paying of course, but it is the hassle at the airport we’re trying to avoid. We’ll be interested to find out at what stage of airport entry that they will realize that our tickets don’t include the tax.
    We’ll let you know ….!!

  24. On a United ticket,in the fare breakdown/calculation,the tax is as “L8”. $10 My ticket was purchased in November.

  25. My partner and I are planning to travel in November. We are living in the Cook Islands but I have a Philippine passport. Do I need to apply for Visa or I just need the tourist card that can be purchase at the airport? Thanks

    • Lebawit Lily Girma

      Hi there – you need to check whether Philippines is one of the countries requiring a visa for entry. Check with your consulate or with a Dom Rep consulate.

  26. Hi the problem is we are base here in the Cook Islands and there is no consulate of Dominican Republic over here.

    • Lebawit Lily Girma

      Oh ya, that’s a bummer. My guess is you’d have to fly to the nearest country that has a Dominican consulate, and apply for a visa there.

  27. Hi, If the 10 dollars is included in the air ticket even when you are a Dominican, will they refund that money to the person?
    On the other hand, I asked at the Airport how to apply for 3 days extention and the officer told me that I cannot extend it but pay a fine. I said that what about Immigration Department and she replied “you still have to pay the fine”. I tried to contact the department with no avail. Some information says to pay after the 30 days other after 60 days. How much would I have to pay for 3 people for 3 days? Entry was 19 leaving following month on the 22.
    Could you please advise?
    Thanks, Rose

    • Lebawit Lily Girma

      Hi Rose – I can’t say about the air ticket, I would ask your airline when you book.

      But for the immigration fees, you pay a prorated amount when you leave – at the airport after you check in, go through security and once you arrive at immigration desk. 30 days to 90 days overstay is 2,500 RD (per person). The immigration officer will show you the desk where you pay, it’s in the same room. Then you go back to the same officer with your receipt(s). Make sure you have the right cash amount ready to pay, to avoid delays.

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