I’m excited to share with you EPISODE 1 of my new “Behind The Scenes With A Travel Guidebook Writer (in the Caribbean)” Series!

I’ll be periodically sharing moments from the road — good, funny, annoying — as I travel around the DR’s six major destinations to update, research, write, and photograph my 2019 edition of “Moon Dominican Republic” travel guidebook for my publisher, Moon Travel Guides (Hachette Books). Currently one of two major travel books on the Dominican Republic on the market.

It starts with the less glamorous part of updating the text and researching what will stay in there what will go. Along the way, of course, facts change on the ground and evolve and I discover worthy places to add.

Through my series, you will get a glimpse first-hand of just how much work, passion, expertise, and sweat goes into these travel books, to bring travelers like you the BEST advice and most culturally immersive, responsible way to experience the incredible, diverse country that is the DR.

You can read more about the first edition of the book on drvisitor.com/guidebook or on Amazon.

How to follow along: @drvisitor on IG

To catch the next episodes going forward over the next weeks and months: follow my DR Visitor Instagram where I’ll be posting first and foremost (due to time constraints). Also hit “Turn on Post/Story Notifications” because IG tends to hide a lot of good stuff unless you advertise!

I’ll be posting impromptu 1-minute videos, stories, and IG live from the road — it could be from a new hotel, a nightspot, an incredible community activity, a gorgeous beach, national park, or any place that inspires me, as well as general thoughts — as I report from various places around the DR.

A true insider sneak peak at the diversity of the Dominican Republic’s tourism and non-tourism areas.

After the project is done or as time permits, I’ll also post on the blog, right here, with recaps, photos, and insights on a few of my favorite experiences.

See you from the road (on IG)!

Got a question? Leave it in the comments below, or contact me directly.

Lebawit Lily Girma

A former corporate attorney, Lebawit Lily Girma is an award-winning travel writer, photographer, and author of several Caribbean guidebooks for US-publisher Moon Travel Guides, including Moon Belize and Moon Dominican Republic. Originally from Ethiopia, Lily calls herself a “culture-holic”–fluent in four languages, she has lived in eight countries besides the U.S., including Belize, Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic. Her articles and photography focusing on culture, adventure, and sustainable travel in the Caribbean region have been published in AFAR Magazine, CNN, BBC, Delta Sky, The Guardian, and others. She is the recipient of the 2016 Marcia Vickery Wallace Award for Excellence in Travel Journalism from the Caribbean Tourism Organization.

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