Folks, I’m thrilled to share that I’ve wrapped up all the research for the 2019 edition of Moon Dominican Republic.  Not the manuscript though – there’s still writing to do until my deadline, end of November!

Life has been super crazy busy, as you can imagine, running around all over the DR once again since April.

Overall, there are no drastic changes except for two areas with the most development and new businesses: Santo Domingo, and the Cibao Valley (Santiago, Jarabacoa, and San Jose las Matas, a new addition to the book).

I hope you enjoyed all my dispatches from the road, the posts on Instagram, Facebook, and the videos! You can still view them by using the hashtag #MOONDR2019 and following these pages.

I’ve got a TON of work travel coming right up, starting this week–that will take me outside the DR. I’ve been invited to attend two major conferences: TravelCon in Austin, Texas, where I’ll be leading a photo walk; and State of the Industry Conference (SOTIC 2018) in The Bahamas, organized by the Caribbean Tourism Organization. In between, I’ll also be researching and updating my Moon Belize guidebook… in Belize (duh)!  Told ya – busy year. No complaints here, except of course that I’ll miss my home and my better half.

So I’ll be back soon in the DR–and I will still be posting on social media. There’s so much material and stories from the road that I will share on the DR Visitor Blog once am back.

Moon DR 2019 will be published in the Fall of 2019.

Saludos, and see you on social media!

Remember that you can share the DRVisitor website with friends, family, and colleagues headed to the Dominican Republic. And if looking for a guidebook, the current edition is still worthwhile.

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