DRVisitor.com (Dominican Republic Visitor) is a planning resource for visitors to the Dominican Republic, focusing on culture, adventure, and ecotourism.

It's also a place for those who love the DR, to get lost in the images, get inspired for a road trip and new experience, or to read stories and feel transported into the heart of this beautiful country with all of its complexities.

DR Visitor's readers are independent travelers seeking authentic, immersive experiences and reliable, updated expert tips on where to go, what to do, and how to best spend their time in the country.

I created the DR Visitor website for several reasons.

*  While working on Moon Dominican Republic, researching for over a year and living in the DR, I realized there were many stories worth sharing that didn't fit in the book (including photography and footage).

*  I wanted a companion digital resource to showcase the book, and help keep the information up to date for readers.

*  There was no single website in English where readers could find frequently shared, visually compelling first-hand accounts showcasing the more cultural and authentic spots around the DR.

*  I wanted a place–and not just a social media page–to show off the DR beyond the all inclusive resort world, and to encourage responsible and cultural travel. And a site that goes beyond vaguely researched “best” lists.

Over time, it became a no brainer to create DR Visitor. It has been in the works since March 2016. It is not a directory of every hotel or every activity (and it's still being built up). It's a curated site where every entry is carefully chosen and described from first-hand experience. And much like the print version, it's a resource with an eye towards responsible, sustainable travel–the kind that is growing here in the DR and in the Caribbean.

Before I became a guidebook author for Moon Guides, I blogged and wrote about various Caribbean destinations for various clients, from travel publications to tourism boards, and for my blog. I can’t claim to be as savvy or knowledgeable as a 30-year DR expat, but I love this country and have lived in many parts of it for several months at a time, and for now almost two years in a row. I am constantly on the go, exploring, finding gems–from the campo, towns, and cities to the colmados, cacao farms, nature reserves and offshore islands, among others.

It’s a country with a moving and complex historical past, and a culture that is vibrant in every sense, from food to music and language. A warm, inviting people who laugh and enjoy every day as if it were their last, whether they have the means or not.  A place where you feel life.

DRVisitor.com then, along with my guidebook, aims to showcase the marvel that is the Dominican Republic, and support those in tourism who need it the most while helping the traveler obtain the most up-to-date and interesting travel information.

Feel free to browse around the site. You can stay up to date with posts via the DRVisitor.com Facebook Page, or by subscribing by email.

Happy New Year!

DR Visitor Audience (To Come)

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