With approximately 800 miles of coastline facing the Atlantic and the Caribbean, picking just 10 best beaches in the Dominican Republic is a really tall order. But while there are plenty of stunning stretches, these ten have that extra wow factor. For the Atlantic-facing stretches, pay attention to weather and warning flags, and ask before you rush in. Oh, and don't forget to charge your camera batteries.

All of Saona Island’s beaches could make this list. But one stands out of all–on the eastern edge of this isle. Playa del Canto is straight out of a dreamy Caribbean postcard, only better. Few make it here, where you’ll only find tall coconut trees, continuous powder soft white sand and a private home that is rarely occupied. It’s the definition of paradise.

Golden Macao, north of Punta Cana, is development-free and a surfer’s haven. But it’s also gorgeous for a day at the beach with a delicious fried fish Dominican lunch, or tousling in the gorgeous iridescent waves (preferably, close to shore). Even with lots of visitors, it feels spacious.

Bury your toes in Playa Cosón’s spongy sands and toss in the waves after indulging in the best fresh fish on the best stretch in Las Terrenas.

Hop on a boat trip from Las Galeras’ shores to reach this stunner known as Playa Fronton. You’ll find it hard to believe your eyes as you round the corner and lay eyes on towering cliffs, contrasting against a row of leaning coconut trees, and turquoise waters below full of corals and urchins (don't jump in barefoot).

As off the beaten track as it gets–about an hour and half bumpy drive from Puerto Plata city–Playa Cambiaso's gorgeous, wild stretch is near empty during the weekdays. Except for a few fishermen, a couple of local comedores on site... and a pair of donkeys.

Fine white, soft and long, Playa Punta Rucia is usually a jump off point to Cayo Arena island. But this stretch holds its own–with calm turquoise waters, and dreamy sunsets.

Deep in the lush hills of El Valle on the Samana Peninsula, the journey to this eponymous beach is worthwhile. Lined with a handful of fish shacks and local restaurants, you can watch fishermen at work here and capture some gorgeous scenes. Samana's surrounding green hills and coconut trees bring that extra wow factor.

Thousands descend on this famous beach by boat from Las Galeras, as it’s one of the most popular daytrips on the Samana Peninsula. At nearly two miles long of white sand, Playa Rincon is flanked by Cabo Samana and Cabo Cabron. Enjoy fresh fish, swim, snorkel or walk to the western end for a dip in the river where it meets the sea.

It’s said to be the most beautiful stretch in all of the Dominican Republic. What’s certain is that it is the most undeveloped, virgin beach with flat and clear, deep turquoise and emerald Caribbean hued waters. It’s quite the drive to get here and you’ll feel as if you are away from it all, particularly during the week.

A personal favorite, Playa del Morro–in Monte Cristi, northwest of Puerto Plata–is one of the most uniquely landscaped. Flanked by an eponymous towering limestone mesa, rocks and shifting soft stones add to the rustic, Medirreanean-like scenery.