Smart travelers still rely on a well-researched guidebook to learn about their destination–aside from subjective and limited user-generated Internet reviews–and to pick up local expert tips, saving them time on the road. Moon Travel Guides authors live in the destination they write about and/or visit frequently for long term stays. They are not temporary vacationers, and they have a deep love for the destination in which they specialize (and it’s rare for one person to specialize in more than three places). That’s primarily why I am proud to write for this publisher. 


The Dominican Republic is one of the most unique and fun destinations you can visit in the Caribbean region. It’s the kind of place that is difficult to leave, because its people and its energy are infectious, and its landscape and culture diverse. Ironic, because most think it’s only an all-inclusive run destination. But that is far from the reality.

I did all the research for this first edition–my third book for Moon Travel Guides–traveled all over the country over multiple past visits, including a yearlong stay, and lived in the various regions. I stayed in the hotels, cabins and resorts I write about and experienced all of the activities, sights, restaurants and more.

As a travel journalist, those who know my work know that I am passionate about cultural immersion and learning about other cultures through people, and putting your money where it can trickle down to the locals, who need it the most. I do my best to include these opportunities in my book.

My goal with Moon Dominican Republicwritten and illustrated from scratch, including countless runs all over the island and much sweat– is to show a first or even third time visitor how to immerse, get to know the DR, meet its charming people and plan a memorable trip–from a reliable source.

In the Book You'll Get:

My Best DR Photos
Full color, high resolution prints from my DR travels
Custom Itineraries
Including Best of the Dominican Republic, and a 7-day Cultural Tour
Beach Reviews
First hand reviews from someone who has visited at least 100 of them
Where to Stay
Suggestions and reviews of accommodations, restaurants and activities
The Best Tours
Guidance on the best tours in the region you’re visiting
Immersion Tips
Cultural immersion tips, and how to travel responsibly
Historical Facts
Background stories, geography and interesting DR facts
Regional Knowledge
A chapter on each major region of the country, and much more
Research done!
The website and the book will save you tons of mind numbing research hours

"I have been to the Dominican Republic 7 times in the past 5 years and there are so many things I have not seen that you brought to life. You have amazing detail in your guide and so many vibrant pictures. Outstanding job." - Zelalem G.

"In-depth and insightful, I find it very easy to read and well organized... . She stays away from the beach resort ghettos and takes you to the fun, the quirky, the fascinating and offbeat places that make any country so much fun to travel and explore." ~ T. Hall, Honorary Consul for Canada in the DR